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by Lisa Angel

Tiger Compact Mirror


Key Features

  • Jungle theme illustrations
  • Colour - blue, orange & pink 
  • One normal & one magnifying mirror
  • Material - PU, metal & glass
  • Dimensions (when closed) - 5.8 cm x 5.8 cm x 1 cm

This adorable little compact mirror is the perfect gift for lovers of colourful, quirky design! The cover holds a vibrant, mirrored print of two tigers and two hanging sloths surrounded by a blue backdrop adorned with botanical detailing and hearts. The back of the mirror has a similar design depicting a sacred heart surrounded by blue botanical detailing.

Open the mirror to find a magnified mirror and a normal one, so you can do touch-ups on the go and never miss a spot! Keep it on a bedside table or pop it in your bag.

Beautifully unique!