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Jellycat's Wildlife Buddies

Hello all you Jellycat fanatics! 

We've been seeing how much you love all the adorable plushies and we're so happy to see all these guys go off to new, lovely homes!

We're constantly expanding our range as you may have noticed! Within our recent arrivals we've noticed a bit of a trend...flora, fauna & wildlife! We think it's so sweet and perfect for spring.




Hibernating Bunny with Nest Soft Toy Nesting Chickies Soft Toy

It's Hibernating Bunny and Nesting Chickies being the cutest wee plushies ever! They look so peaceful and cuddly in their fluffy nests. After a big rest they are ready to spring up and frolick in the meadows.



Amuseable Toadstool Soft Toy Amuseable Acorn Soft Toy

Oh hello Amuseable Toadstool and Acorn! These two pals are sticking around through all the seasons here at Maia. The cheerful faces are sure to bring a smile to your face, or to a loved one if you can bear to hand them over :)


Bobbi Bunny with Daffodil Soft Toy Bunny with Backpack  Soft Toy

Sweet Bobbi Bunny with Daffodil and Backpack Bunny are a wee bit different to Jellycat's classic bashful bunny, but that makes them even more special. Who would you choose?


Squishy Squash Orange Soft Toy Amuseable Sweetcorn Soft Toy

Oh, Squishy Squash and Amuseable Sweetcorn, what a perfect pair! These two remind us of autumn and harvest time. Did you know squash and corn are often grown together with beans in traditional homesteads? They balance growing conditions for each other and they complement each other on the dinner table! Yum!

Birdling Blue Tit Soft Toy Birdling Kingfisher Soft Toy

Have you heard the cheerful sounds of birdsong? These sweet little birds are fluttering through the parks and gardens this month. The bright pastel colours of the Birdling Blue Tit and Birdling Kingfisher really remind us of the liveliness of springtime!


Who is your favourite?

Maybe you're like us and can't pick only one :P

Lots of love, 

Team Maia xxx