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Top 10 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Work Colleagues

When it comes time to draw a name for Secret Santa this year, we want you to know that we've got you covered, no matter who you have to buy a gift for!

We've put together our ten favourite Secret Santa gift ideas. You can't go wrong with one of these useful, fun and of course cheeky items here! They will become the talk of the office and provide some fun and laughter!

1. How To Swear in Sign Language Cards

How to Swear in Sign Language Cards

Need a way to insult someone without them knowing? These fun swear word cards contain the best insults you can say with your hands.


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2. Jingle Balls Soap

Jingle Balls Soap Bar

Jingle those balls and enjoy a jolly festive fresh feeling with this cracker of a soap! This sandalwood & patchouli soap is 100% natural and is suitable for vegans.


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3. Star Wars The Child Shaped Mug

Star Wars The Child Shaped Mug

This Baby Yoda shaped mug is the ideal coffee companion for any Star wars fan! Put it on your work desk and give the day a true purpose!


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4. Toilet Shaped Bauble


Toilet Shaped Bauble

If your workmates spend more time in the bog then at their desk then this is the decoration they need to have. This quirky Christmas bauble will give them some good chuckles!

A hilarious gift that is sure to entertain, this Christmas decoration has been finished with an iridescent sparkle around the seat and in the bowl.


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5. Flashlight Pen

Flashlight Pen

Make work easy (or finishing that crossword puzzle) for your colleagues with this handy gadget! The refillable ballpoint pen features an optional LED light tip to write in low-light conditions.


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6. I'm Not Your Therapist Desk Plaque

I'm Not Your Therapist Desk Plaque

With this hilarious desk plaque your work colleague can let everybody know that they have enough of all the whining & complaining (or that they need to be paid for listening)!

This stainless steel effect metal plaque features a white plate with a bold black title. The perfect pick-up gift for the very own workplace misery guts.


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7. Blob Fish Stress Toy

Blob Fish Stress Toy

The face of a long day at the office! This portable and squishy companion will relieve some of the daily stress while not being worried one bit of how that will make him look.


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8. Anti Blue Light Folding Glasses


Anti Blue Light Folding Glasses


These fantastic foldable glasses help to maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to harmful blue light emitted from screens. These glasses help reduce eye fatigue & improve sleep by filtering out and reducing exposure.


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9. Say When Wine Coaster

Say When Wine Coaster

Well who can resist a good glass (or a bit more) of a fine red? This hilarious coaster features a quirky drinking themed collage illustration. The perfect Secret Santa gift idea for the wine lover at your office!


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10. Desk Top Decision Maker

Small Decision Maker

With this handy gadget work life will become much easier! Just put the decision maker on your desk, grab the decision ball in your hand and ask a question! Watch in amazement as magical forces help guide you in making work's toughest decisions!


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