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Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is approaching fast and we are here to help you find the perfect gift! Whether you are looking for a unique piece of jewellery for mum, a stylish fashion accessory for your auntie, a sweet home decor piece for granny, or something special for the mother figure in your life, our Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas are sure to put a smile on her face.


1. A Little Lucky to Have a Mum Like You Bracelet

A Little Lucky to Have a Mum Like You Bracelet

Make mum feel special! Our A Little Lucky to Have a Mum Like You Bracelet will do just that! Joma Jewellery know how to create sentimental & meaningful pieces. This one will show mum how lucky you feel to have her in your life. The sparkling design features a disc charm with a heart detailing that will capture the light and remind mum of how loved she is.

The heartfelt Joma pieces are perfect for everyday wear. To see all mum themed Joma Jewellery, click here!


2. Harris Tweed Chestnut Tartan Caillie Handbag

Harris Tweed Chestnut Tartan Medium Caillie Tote Handbag

To call this Harris Tweed Chestnut Caillie Handbag stunning still feels like an understatement! We are in love with this stylish design. From the beautiful tartan, the smart design to the meticulous finish, this bag truly has it all!

The handbag exudes sophistication and will elevate mum's look with its perfect combination of traditional & contemporary styles. The muted tones will complement a more classic look but can also give a soft touch to a more excentric & vibrant style.


3. Queen Bee Pendant Necklace

Queen Bee Pendant Necklace

If your mum or mother figure is a queen to you, then this exquisite Queen Bee Pendant Necklace will let her know! The bee pendant features delicate & rich detailing. The mix of gold and silver give it an extra glow and an eye-catching finish.

It's the perfect jewellery piece for spring time and makes a great gift for nature loving mothers. It is sophisticated yet playful. It will elevate mum's day to day look and is especially great to wear for special occasions.


4. Mothers are Like Stars Porcelain Hanging Star

Mothers are Like Stars Porcelain Hanging Star

A mother's love can be felt even when she is far away. She will always have her kids on her mind. We think this Mothers are Like Stars Porcelain Hanging Star captures that sentiment perfectly.

The sweet sentiment and rustic design will bring a sentimental touch to mum's home. It will let her know that she is a star (and let's be honest, she is the brightest!)


5. Blue Floral Print Scarf

Blue Flowers Print Scarf

For the fashion loving mum! This Blue Floral Print Scarf is so pretty. The delicate floral print and contrasting border in blue is reminiscent of the beautiful Willow pattern popularised in the 18th Century.

The soft & light material alongside the intricate floral print create the perfect accessory for spring! The deep blue & turquoise tones are interspersed with warm yellow & orange detailing.


6. Mum's Garden Birds Hanging Sign


Mum's Garden Birds Hanging Sign

Is mum's garden her happy place? This Mum's Garden Birds Hanging Sign will make the perfect addition to it. The sweet sign features the words 'mum's garden' alongside a Blue Tit, Robin, Goldfinch and Bullfinch illustration. The lovely floral elements complete the sign perfectly.

We think it also works for mums that have turned their balcony into an oasis or for the ones with a living room that is as impressive upon entering as a visit to the botanical garden!


7. Mum's Coffee Ceramic Mug

Mum's Coffee Ceramic Mug

Make mum chuckle with this quirky piece! This Mum's Coffee Ceramic Mug captures mum's mornings perfectly. Trying to get the kids ready, organise the day, remembering where their partner left the car key...mum's mornings can be super hectic.

This collage style mug is perfect for mums that can take on the day with a healthy portion of humour. So reheat that coffee, have her sit down and get her to relax for a minute!


8. House Embossed with Trees Tissue Holder

House Embossed with Trees Tissue Holder

Bring a bit of rustic flair to the home! We love this unique House Embossed with Trees Tissue Holder. It evokes the feeling of a country side family holiday, a visit at granny's and overall homely joy!

The whimsical decor piece features a rustic finish, completed with embossed detailing in pastel tones. Pop a tissue box underneath and you can pick the tissues through the chimney. Playful and sweet!

9. Amuseable Daffodil Pot Soft Toy

Amuseable Daffodil Pot Soft Toy

If mum is too busy to look after her plants, then our Amuseable Daffodil Pot is the most adorable solution to the problem! This quirky soft toy with a smiley face and dangly legs will bring a pop of colour and joy to mum's home.

For the mum that loves quirky soft toys in general: browse our full Jellycat collection here to find the perfect cuddly pal for mum!


10. Mum in a Million Handled Tea Light Holder

Mum in a Million Handled Tea Light Holder

Last but not least is our Mum in a Million Handled Tea Light Holder. We love this sentimental piece. The rustic handled design, the sweet illustration and phrase, it all comes together so beautifully.

It will add a warm glow to mum's home and will remind her of how unique she is. It can help her to take a little break, relax and just enjoy a quiet moment in peace.


We hope one of our Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts will be the perfect pick for the most important lady in your life! To browse our full Mother's Day Collection, click here.

Let mum know how much she means to you in your own words: Find the perfect card here!

Happy Mother's Day! We love you nurturing, patient, supportive & fierce creatures (whether you are mothers by nature or choice)!

Lots of love, Team Maia xxx