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Top Ten Best Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa gifts can be thoughtful. They can be useful. And they can also be absolutely hilarious and have the recipient in stitches! We love giving gifts that make people chuckle, so we’ve put together our top ten funny Secret Santa gift ideas, sure to get them giggling.

Choosing the gift will be simple thanks to our helpful guide..but keeping a straight face might not be so easy!

Check out our favourite comical Secret Santa gifts:

1. 52 Farts Playing Cards

52 Farts Playing Cards

This deck is beautifully designed, meticulously researched, and laugh-out-loud funny (and a totally legit card deck)! In other words, it's the perfect gag gift for men or fun gift for your favourite weirdo.


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2. Mini Plant Pot Yoga Cats Decorations

Mini Plant Pot Yoga Cats Decorations

Add some zen to your home with these fun & feline plant pot figurines. This set of four will meditate alongside your house plants and inspire you to take a deep breath, and relax.

They make such a fun addition to your plant corner. A great gift for a cat lover that loves their yoga sessions!


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3. She Googled Her Symptoms Ceramic Mug

She Googled Her Symptoms Ceramic Mug

Sometimes things are a bit simpler than they seem and al we need is a cuppa in peace! This hilarious mug will bring some banter to her life!

The monochrome design & bold text give it an extra stylish touch.


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4. The Wine Made Me Do It Shaped Bauble

 The Wine Made Me Do It Shaped Bauble

Deck the halls with alco(holly)! This Christmas tree bauble is shaped like a wine bottle and features a pink glaze finish and the quote 'wine made me do it'.


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5. How to Swear in Sign Language Cards

How to Swear in Sign Language Cards

Need a way to insult someone without them knowing? These fun swear word cards contain the best insults you can say with your hands.


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6. Brogue Men's Socks

Brogue Men's Socks

Add a bit of classic country style to your lounging with these classy brogue socks! Take your shoes off!


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7. I'm Not Your Therapist Desk Plaque

I'm Not Your Therapist Desk Plaque

Let the office killjoy in your life know you're onto them with this 'I'm Not Your Therapist' desk plaque! This stainless steel effect metal plaque features a white plate with a bold black title. The perfect pick-up gift for your very own workplace misery guts.


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8. Aubergine Shaped Bauble

Aubergine Shaped Bauble

This quirky decoration will add a healthy touch to your Christmas tree while also most likely make your guests chuckle (if they speak emoji language).


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 9. Probably A Genius Tag Socks

Probably A Genius Tag Socks

Make your genius state a well-documented fact with these hilarious yet super comfy socks!  They feature a grey & black pattern with fun tags to complete the look (and humour).


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10. Don't Be A Dik Dik Card Game

Don't Be A Dik Dik Card Game

There are lots of naughty names in nature, and they are brought to you in this hilarious card game! Titter at the TUFTED TITMOUSE, chuckle at the LARGE COCKCHAFER, giggle at the STICKY WILLY, but whatever you do, don't get left holding the DIK DIK!

The player who ends the game with the DIK DIK in their hand loses. It's as simple as that!


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