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Top Ten Best Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

A tenner is a great budget for Secret Santa, and we’ve got tons of fantastic festive gifts to choose from. It was a challenge to narrow it down but we have compiled a list of our top ten favourite Secret Santa gift ideas for under a tenner.

Treat your friend, family member or coworker to one gift or several, and end up with change from £10. We’ve got gifts of all kinds so you’re sure to find the perfect one here!

Check out our best of the best on a budget of £10:

1. A Can See It Far Enough Ceramic Mug

A Can See It Far Enough Ceramic Mug

If you can't be bothered and want to make that clear then this mug is for you! It features the phrase 'A can see it far enough' in a bold black font.

A great mug for the office or busy family home!


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2. Flashlight Pen

Flashlight Pen

Finish that crossword puzzle, homework or the diary entry any time with this handy gadget! This refillable ballpoint pen features an optional LED light tip to write in low-light conditions. Keep it on your night stand in case inspiration strikes!


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3. How To Fucking Swear Around the World Trivia

How To Fucking Swear Around the World Trivia

Why be cultural when you can swear your f**king head off? Keep yourself busy with 100 of the best, weirdest and most wonderful rude words from around the world!


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4. Bicycle Print Men's Bamboo Socks

 Bicycle Print Men's Bamboo Socks

These quirky socks are the perfect gift for the avid cyclist in your life! The fun pattern & the bright accents will brighten up their day.

They contain a very high percentage of Bamboo fibre, which makes them soft, strong and anti bacterial.


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5. Snow Christmas Bath Fizzers in House Shaped Box

Snow Christmas Bath Fizzers in House Shaped Box

This charming Victorian town house is filled with a winter scented surprise! The decorative box contains mini bath fizzers. A wonderful Christmas gift to pamper loved ones with a nostalgic design and a festive fragrance!


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6. Red Bicycle Shaped Bauble

Red Bicycle Shaped BaubleAdd some fun to your Christmas tree with this unusual bauble! This hanging decoration features the beloved classic red and white theme mixed with a quirky design.


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7. Sh*t Shower Shave Soap Bar

Sh*t Shower Shave Soap Bar

This fabulous and fragrant long-lasting shave bar will raise many laughs but will also be an absolute treat to use!

It is made with castor oil and kaolin clay, it’s kind to skin and gives a great lather – if you don’t have a brush, then whip it up in your hands and slap it on for a smooth shave.

It is fragranced with gorgeous orange and lavender so it smells divine. The design is hilariously fun but besides that it is also a seriously lovely product.


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8. Calm Your Tits Card Game

Calm Your Tits Card Game

Who knew there were so many different kinds of tits - we mean the bird, of course! The aim of this titillating pairs game for very silly adults is to win all the cards or be the last tit standing!

Players win cards for correctly shouting 'Nice tits!' or 'Tough tits!' when a matching pair shows, or for having the quickest hand action when the 'Fat Balls' appear. Watch out when the Pussy Posse are on patrol...things could easily go tits up!

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 9. Insults And Comebacks Book

Insults And Comebacks Book

This handy book features a fresh, stylish look and tons of updated take downs for today's culture of #cancelled. Chock-full of barbs targeting everything from intelligence to ego to online dating, you'll always be prepared with an appropriate (or inappropriate) zinger to put others in their place.


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10. Meowditation Stress Toy

Meowditation Stress Toy

Take a deep breath and embrace your inner zen with this cat stress toy! Squeezing this meditating kitty will release the stresses of everyday life and leave you feline fine! 


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