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by Maia Gifts

Boston DOF Crystal Tumbler

£7.99 £14.99

Key Features

  • Classic design
  • With strong angles
  • Dimensions - 9.5 cm x 9 cm (diameter)
  • Capacity - 30 cl
  • Material - Lead crystal

The old fashioned glass, otherwise known as the rocks glass is a short tumbler used for serving spirits such as Whisky neat or on the rocks. It is also used to serve certain cocktails such as the double old fashioned, hence the name.

This stylish design features a rectangular base with curved sides, inwards on the short sides and outwards on the longer two sides connecting to create a circular rim.

The weight of the base gives the glass a substantial feel in the hand. this sophisticated design makes a great addition to your home bar and will elevate your favourite tipple.

A smooth design with an edge!