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by Sass & Belle

Dachshund Hot Water Bottle


Key Features

  • Sausage dog design
  • Colour - brown
  • Material - Polyester, rubber
  • Measures - 43.5 cm x 17 cm
  • Lovely gift for dog owners

Curl up with a sausage and ease your worries...a sausage dog that is! This adorable hot water dog is shaped like a sweet, snoozing dachshund, complete with floppy ears and tail. It's a puptastic gift idea for any dog-lover.

Great for easing muscle ache & period pains, and keeping the winter chill at bay, this water bottle is sure to become your new best friend. Pup will wait loyally for you in your bed or in a drawer until you need his services.

Ready to snuggle!