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by Lisa Angel

Enamel World Tarot Card Pendant Necklace


Key Features

  • Tarot card pendant
  • Card - The world
  • Colourful enamel detailing
  • Material - gold plated brass
  • Lobster clasp fastening
  • Length - can be worn at 40.5 cm or 45 cm using the extender link

Embrace your sense of adventure with this striking tarot card style necklace with colourful enamel detailing!

Thought to reflect assured success, voyage, and change of place, the world card in tarot represents an ending to a cycle of life, and a pause in life before the next big cycle. The stunning piece makes the perfect gift for a lover of tarot, or a friend ready to embark on their next life adventure!

Originally used in the 15th century in games across Europe, in the late 18th century tarot cards began to be used by the occult for divination purposes. Today, tarot cards are mainly used for fortune reading, with the intention that those having their readings can take away their own interpretations from the cards.

The card featured on this necklace is inspired by a traditional tarot deck and features a compass with a yellow enamel infill flower to the centre, and pools of blue enamel to the sides to represent water.

Special & meaningful!