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by Jellycat

Fergus Frog Soft Toy

£33.99 £44.99
Jellycat collection  


Key Features

  • Cute beaded eyes
  • Colour - green
  • Material - Polyester plush
  • Dimension - 33 cm x 11 cm
  • Part of the 25th Anniversary collection

Fergus Frog is a mossy sweetheart in soft velour. With a beany base and toes, hooded eyes, a piped mouth, and lovely glossy eyes, Fergus is a little rumpled and somewhat grumpy, but full of froggy wisdom.

Fergus Frog is a gorgeously soft and squeezy cuddly amphibian. When you cuddle Fergus he feels like a giant squishy marshmallow!

Fergus Frog is part of the Jellycat 25th Anniversary & Heritage collection

Fergus is a classic!