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by Jellycat

Smudge Rabbit Bag Charm

Jellycat collection  

Key Features

  • Cute smudge rabbit charm
  • With stitched detailing
  • Colour - Oatmeal beige
  • With silver claw clip
  • Material - Polyester plush
  • Dimension -  13 cm x 6 cm x 16 cm

As soft and calming as a scoop of oatmeal, it's Smudge Rabbit Bag Charm! This lop-eared bunny has soothing beige fur, a pompom tail and a gentle stitched face.

With a silver claw clip and Jellycat tag, this bunny will bounce along by your side. Attach it to your bag or backpack for cuddles on the go.

Explore the world with this little woodland creature!