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by Maia Gifts

Love Potion Snap Disc Wax Melts


Key Features

  • Theme - Love potion
  • Made from soy wax
  • Snap disc presented in a tin
  • Dimension - 6 cm (diameter) x 3 cm
  • Up to 45 hours of fragrance

This fruity & floral blend is brewed with sweet peaches, apricot, strawberry and Cassis and is sure to capture the heart of every hopeless romantic!

The love potion wax melt comes in easy-to-use disc form. The disc is divided into 4 sections and features a long-lasting fragrance.

The wax melt discs may have a visible white 'frosting' which is caused by the wax molecules re-crystallizing and forming visible crystals on the surface of the wax melt. All soy waxes frost and this is a sign you are using 100% natural soy wax.

Put some love in the air!