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by Lisa Angel

Mum Mini Bud Vase


Key Features

  • Mum themed
  • Colour - Light tan
  • Amphora style
  • Material - Ceramic
  • Dimension - 8.3 cm x 5.5 cm

This tiny bud vase makes a truly wonderful gift for a mum who deserves to know just how much she is loved! Placed where mum will pass by often, this miniature vase will remind her that you're always thinking of her. 

The small size of this ceramic vase makes it perfect for holding a single flower or stem, though it can simply be left as it is to let the design do the talking. The surface of the vase is a light tan, smooth to the touch, with a quote etched onto one side reading 'first my mum forever my friend'.

A lovely sentimental gift!