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by Maia Gifts

Snow Leopard Long Hot Water Bottle

£12.99 £24.99

Key Features

  • Monochrome Leopard print
  • Faux fur finish
  • 2l capacity
  • Bottle - Natural rubber
  • Dimensions - 75 cm x 14.5 cm

Snuggle up toasty warm, ready for some winter hibernation with this long hot water bottle! At 75 cm long this cosy companion is perfect for running the length of your back or being your little spoon as you settle in and drift off for a good night's sleep. Just fill it to a maximum of two-thirds capacity with non-boiling hot water and you are set!

The cover for the bottle has a beautiful and fun snow leopard print pattern and is made of a soft and cosy faux fur, taking your comfort and warmth to new levels.

Cosier than a big cat!