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by Maia Gifts

Welcome to the Mysteryverse Book


Key Features

  • Compendium of mysteries
  • Author - Clive Gifford
  • Style - Colourful illustrations
  • Pages - 112
  • Measures - 31 cm x 25.6 cm

Enjoy an exploration of some of the questions science hasn't quite been able to fully answer yet - from 'Why do we have fingerprints?' to 'Why do cats sit in circles?'! This handy book explores current knowledge, existing theories and some of the wildest suggestions!

A fantastic gift idea for that person who is always saying 'I wonder' and 'what if...'. This beautifully illustrated book will entertain, educate and inspire, perfect for enjoying over a cup of coffee or snuggled on the sofa with your inquisitive kids.

A wonderful way to wonder!