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Get Active...with Jellycat!

Hello Jellycat Lovers!

The sun is out and we are feeling ready to get active & fit! Nothing motivates us more to do a bit of sport than our wonderfully quirky Amuseables Sports range.

And with the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games, we wanted to celebrate our adorable team Jellycat UK! These sports will all be part of the Summer Games so our cuddly friends make the perfect companions for watching the event with.

They are here to help you cheer on your favourite team or athlete during Paris 2024 or to coach you through an intense workout or competition. So team up with one of these happy pals and turn your workout into playtime! 

Jellycat Amuseable Sports Beach Volley Ball

Amuseable Sports Beach Volley Ball is a total team player! Bring him along for a fun filled day at the beach. This ball loves to soar through the air and to feel the tingles of the sand when he lands.

His classic bright blue and yellow striped look and super stylish sandals are sure to score points!

Did you know that Beach Volley Ball started its Olympic journey as a demonstration event at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona? Amuseable Sports Beach Volley Ball is still so happy about the fact that it was an instant hit and therefore made an official Olympic sport the following games.

 Jellycat Amuseable Sports Skateboard 

Amuseable Sports Skateboard is the coolest dude in the park! This daredevil loves to do impossible tricks on the ramp and show them to all his friends. From an ollie to kicks & slides, Amuseable Sports Skateboard can do them all. This stylish pal looks great from every angle.

Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport, which has us so excited! We love when new sports are recognised for their significance & athletes get the chance to introduce their skills to a worldwide audience. We are sure this smiley board has some amazing new moves up his sleeve to impress us all!

Amuseable Tennis Ball Soft Toy Jellycat Amuseable Sports Tennis Ball Bag Charm

Amuseable Tennis Ball and Bag Charm are a must have for any Tennis fan! Stylishly retro and super happy to be on the court, these bright yellow balls make the best double. They will keep you calm and relaxed so you never have to break your racket in a moment of fury ever again.

Tennis is said to have originated in Northern France, so these two will feel right at home at Paris 2024!

Amuseable Sports Table Tennis Soft Toy 

We have a few table tennis champions here at Maia, but none come close to our Amuseable Sports Table Tennis! This quirky racket looks so chill but don't be fooled, he knows how to serve!

With a classic colour palette, realistic texture & super cute smile, he makes a great gift for any table tennis fan.

Ping-pong originated in Victorian England, where it was played among the upper-class as an after-dinner parlour game. It has come such a long way since then! Watching a rapid-fire match is one of the most intense experiences ever.

Amuseable Sports Golf Ball Soft Toy Jellyct Amuseable Sports Golf Ball Bag Charm

Here is a little secret: we have an avid golfer in our midst, so at Maia we know all about birdies, par, bogey, divots and the perfect golf swing!

Golf was one of the first modern sports to codify its rules in 1744 and it all happened here in Scotland. Today, the sport has taken over the world. There are more than 60 million golfers and over 30,000 golf courses worldwide!

So to all those millions of golfers out there: our Amuseable Sports Golf Ball and Bag Charm will make your day. Bring them along for a tee-rific time on the greens!

Jellycat Amuseable Sports Football Bag Charm

Football is no doubt one of the biggest players in this collection! Its fans are definitely some of the most passionate ones. With our Amuseable Sports Football Bag Charm you can show that passion at all times.

Football was first included on the Olympic programme in 1900 at the Games of the II Olympiad in (you guessed it!) Paris. Olympic football is really coming home this year!

Clip Amuseable Sports Football Bag Charm to your sports bag or rucksack and add a pin or patch of your favourite team.

 Amuseable Sports Badminton Soft Toy

Amuseable Sports Badminton is so adorable! With his retro look he reminds us of playing Badminton in the garden when we were kids. We love this Shuttlecock's relaxed & happy look, full of texture, fun & style. This feathery projectile flew right into our hearts!

Badminton's origins are still a tantalising mystery but maybe Amuseable Sports Badminton will let you in on the secret.

We hope we  got you in the mood for a bit of exercise! Create your own dream team with this special Jellycat Amuseables range, with this kind of sports equipment fun is guaranteed.

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A bit out of breath after that workout but with lots of love, Team Maia xxx