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Summer Fun with Jellycat!

Hello Sunshine!

Us talking about Jellycat again? Consider yourself lucky! We know we are obsessed but we can't help it, we love telling you all about our adorable, quirky & super sweet Jellycats.

As an official Jellycat stockist in Glasgow, we are so proud of the amazing (if we may say so ourselves) range we have put together to bring joy, comfort & cuddles to our city and beyond.

We adore these luxuriously soft toys and truly think that they are 'for the joy of it'!

Having an extensive range also means each one of us here at Maia has their favourite Jellycat. From the adorable Amuseables, to Bashfuls & the fluffy Littles, we all have our personal picks that match our personalities (and sometimes looks) and we can get super engrossed in in-depth conversations about why those ones are the best.

One collection we all can agree on is the playful 'Summer 2024', it is pure sunshine, colour & fun! There are so many new characters that you will want to share the sunny season with. So take these cuddly pals on a holiday, have them join your garden party or cuddle up to them during a Summer storm.


Jellycat Summer 2024 Collection


Isn't this the best way to spend your summer? If you are slightly overwhelmed by the abundance of cuteness, we are happy to provide you with a closer look:

Here are some of our absolute favourites from the Jellycat Summer 2024 collection! If you have been to our store in Glasgow you may be able to tell which Team Maia members they represent;-)


Amuseable Gelato


Amuseable Gelato knows all about dolce far niente! This quirky gelato loves to stroll through quaint Italian villages, soak up the sun on the Amalfi coast and provide you with Italian sweetness. He may not be able to actually cool you down on a hot day but this quirky pot of gelato is sure to melt your heart.

Amuseable Sandcastle


Amuseable Sandcastle encapsulates childhood nostalgia in the most whimsical way! This architectural marvel is definitely more than a pile of sand. Decorated with a shell, a starfish and the most adorable smile, it unlocks fond memories and shows us that imagination can create the most beautiful things.


Jellycat Ricky Rain Frog Rubber Ring Soft Toy Silvie Shark Soft Toy

The perfect pair for a swim!  Ricky Rain Frog Rubber Ring is a bit scared of the water, he doesn't know how to swim. Luckily he has put on his cute rubber duck ring to help him float and with the help of Silvie Shark he will soon make the ocean his second home. With her big smile and underwater skills, Silvie will get him there in no time.

Jellycat Bartholomew Bear Strawberry Jellycat Amuseable Boiled Egg Scuba Soft Toy

From the land to the sea! Bartholomew Bear Strawberry loves to stroll through Strawberry fields! He knows all about the sweet berries and where they grow best. He wants to show the world that this his his favourite sweet treat!  Amuseable Boiled Egg Scuba on the other hand knows all about the fascinating world under the sea. As a keen diver he has met lots of maritime creatures, seen beautiful corals & and has explored the depths of the ocean.


Riley Razor Fish


Riley Razor Fish always brings the giggles! We just can't get enough of his quirkiness & neon orange look. Riley is a bit shy at first, so he often hides in the spines of sea urchins but once he gets comfortable he is the life of the (underwater) party. We wonder what he saw on the seabed that mesmerised him so much!

Jellycat Summer 2024


So whether you like to spend your summer on solid ground (importantly, with dry feet) or make a big splash while cooling down in the water, these Jellycat will represent your Summer-self perfectly.

We hope we got you as excited as we are about our latest additions to our ever-growing range. What's your absolute favourite? Find out by browsing our full Jellycat Collection here!

With lots of love and excitement for the Summer to come, Team Maia xxx