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Green Finger Gardener

Summer is such a lovely time to be spent outside in nature, in parks or if you're fortunate enough, in your own garden or allotment space! We have started spotting bright berries around the parks and our veggie plants are flowering which means harvest is hopefully soon to come! 

We're really leaning in to the gardening and plant lover lifestyle in Maia (as if we haven't made it obvious enough :P)! In this blog we have picked out some of our favourite and most popular products this season! 


Foragers Calendar Book  Vegetable Growers Handbook

Whether you're a novice or experience gardener, there's always going to be more to learn and explore! Pick up some foraging tips from the Forager's Calendar Book or start building a veggie patch in your garden with the help of Huw Richards' book The Vegetable Grower's Handbook - tried and tested by the Maia Team :)  


I Wet My Plants Plant Mister Willy The Worm Terracotta Water SensorWilly The Worm Terracotta Water Sensor

First things first, you gotta remember to water your plants! Make it fun with this Plant Mister which says 'I wet my plants' on one side and 'I will survive' on the other. Willy the Worm who is made of terracotta and will change into a lighter colour when the soil is dry and needs a good quench!


Conical Concrete Vase - Assorted Designs  Multi Mini Bud Vase with Five Parts

Conical Concrete Vase handmade and completely unique assorted designs and Five Part Mini Bud Glass Vase quirky different shapes highlight wee blossoms


Trespassers Will Be Composted Hanging Plaque Tree of Life Standing Garden Windchime Decoration

Discourage sneaky visitors with the Trespassers Will Be Composted Sign - all in good fun of course but no one is getting their hands on your precious home grows unless you say so! Keep calm vibes with Tree of Life Windchime Stake in copper.


Gardener's Scrub Soap Bar Lemongrass & Ginger Organic Hand and Body Lotion

Treat your self after getting your green thumb working and getting your hands mucky! Wash up with lovely Lomond Soap's Gardener Scrub Soap, then pack in moisture and softness with Highland Soap's Lemongrass & Ginger Organic Lotion - both Scottish made and Maia top sellers!


I'm Sexy and I Mow It Green Plant Pot Mug and Shovel Embossed Hedgehog Mug

Finally, after a day of hard work in the garden you are sure to need some refreshment in the form of a good cuppa! Enjoy your favourite brew from this Sexy and I Mow It Mug or from this more innocent and sweet Hedgehog Mug


Time to get back to the great green outdoors! We hope you find something to inspire your own little patch of happiness! <3

Lots of love

Team Maia xxx