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Seaside Charm

Summer is here and with it brings some lovely trips to seaside towns and stunning beaches! We love to see the nautical charm of all those special places. With this selection you can keep that feeling close to you and bring the breezy coastal style to your home & look! Here are some of our favourite gift ideas to add some seaside charm to any city home.

Jewellery Inspired by the Sea:
White Beaded Shell Charm Necklace Pearl and Gold Beads Bracelet
What better way to enjoy a day out on the beach than having a long stroll and finding some beautiful shells. This White Beaded Shell Charm Necklace will bring that sentiment to your look. 
Oh captain my captain! This stunning Pearl and Gold Beads Bracelet with tiny pearls and a clasp detailing evokes the steering wheel of a ship reminding us that there is so much beauty to explore.

Home Accessories with Charm:
Upright Harbour Seal Felt Hanging Decoration Turquoise Glass Bud Vases Set 

Free as a Bird Puffin Table Vase Uist On The Machair Ceramic Tile Hanging Decoration
The easiest way to get the seaside charm to your home is taking notes from the wonderful & quirky decorations that can be seen on windowsills & front porches of coastal cottages. You can hang this cute Harbour Seal Felt Hanging Decoration or place it in your living room. The Turquoise Glass Bud Vases Set will bring the colour of the ocean to your home and our Puffin Table Vase looks adorable on any dining table.
The Uist Ceramic Tile Decoration is truly a piece of art! From a painting by the talented artist Cath Waters, this image depicts the unique landscape on the Isle of Uist, think wild grassy and sandy plains against the waves of the sea.

 Kitchen Favourites:
The Water And Me Ceramic Mug Coastal Charm Rope Coaster Set 
Blue Sea Creatures Print Thermal Water Bottle We Swim Tea Towel

This unique The Water And Me Ceramic Mug is perfect for wild swimmers that love a deep invigorating dive into the sea. Our Coastal Charm Rope Coaster Set will add that classic nautical chic to your dining table while protecting a rustic wooden table. The handy Sea Creatures Thermal Water Bottle is perfect for a walk or day out accompanied by a hot or cold drink, and will do it's part to keep plastic bottles out of the oceans.

Our wonderful  We Swim Tea Towel will bring the feeling of a refreshing swim in the sea to your kitchen!

Stylish Fashion Accessories:
Aquamarine with Gold Detail Soft Scarf Anchor and Rope Keyring
This beautiful Aquamarine with Gold Detail Soft Scarf is perfect for a light summers day out in the sun by the coast and our Anchor and Rope Keyring will make sure your keys won't get lost at sea!

Creatures of the Sea:
Sheldon Shrimp Soft Toy  Cozy Crew Octopus Soft Toy
These crustacean cuties are the perfect companion for a trip to the beach! Sheldon Shrimp & Cozy Crew Octopus can tell you all about their adventures in the sea. They are also great at offering a consoling cuddle should the weather take a turn and you end up feeling a little soggy and chilly! 

 Love from, Team Maia xxx
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