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Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is around the corner but often times that doesn't mean the gift hunting is over! If finding the perfect gift for dad is not an easy task, our Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas will be a game changer.

Here are our Top 10 Father's Day gift ideas to make dad smile! Our favourites have a lot of different dads in mind: from the sentimental father, to the adventurous, the DIY man and the stylish gent, there is a great choice for every dad!


1. Bohemian Stars Dad Mug

Sass and Belle Bohemian Stars Dad Ceramic Mug

Dad the star! Our Bohemian Stars Dad Mug is the perfect mix of stylish & sweet, just like dad! It will tell him what a bright light he is with every sip of his morning brew. He may even want to bring it to the office to remind himself of how appreciated his hard work is.

The Boho style is a lovely departure from all the simple, 'standard' dad mugs out there!


2. Epic Bike Rides of The World

Epic Bike Rides of The World Book

For the dad that loves to explore on his bike! The Epic Bike Rides of The World makes an amazing gift for the avid cyclist. Even for the dads that only do bike rides close to home, it is such an interesting way to explore the world! And who knows, maybe you actually get to do one of these epic bike rides with him!

Dad will have a wheely good time with this!


3. No 1 Cat Dad Men's Socks

Smiling Faces No 1 Cat Dad Men's Socks

For all the dad's that may not be fathers yet but love their pets like children (and the ones that have a full house with kids & pets of course!), our No 1 Cat Men's Socks are sure to put a smile on their face.

Quite classic in colours but with meows of fun, they will add a quirky finish to the cat dad's look!


4. Heritage Multi Tool Pen

Heritage Multi Tool Pen with Box

This one is for all the fathers with DIY projects around the house. Our Multi Tool Pen is the gadget they need! A stylish pen at first glance, it reveals itself to be a handy 6-in-1 multi tool! The sleek design combines sophisticated style with practicality. We are sure all the 'open' projects will be completed in no time!



5. Love You Papa Bear Notebook

East of India Love You Papa Bear Notebook

For the sentimental dad! We love this little Love You Papa Bear Notebook. It is perfect for all the dads, that love to make lists, take notes or work out projects on the go. The gentle illustration & sentimental phrase are sure to warm papa bear's heart.


6. Whisky Lovers Poker Cards

Whisky Lovers Poker Playing Cards

Is dad a Whisky loving poker player? Our stylish Whisky Lovers Poker Cards are a great spin on a classic card deck. Pair it with his favourite tipple and dad will jump for joy! Or why not organise an epic poker night for dad to see who has the best poker face in the family?


7. Stag Glass and Pewter Tankard

Stag Glass and Pewter Tankard

We think dad deserves to feel like the king of the castle! This stunning Stag Tankard is sure to do just dad! The majestic creature makes such a good symbol for the head of the family. The intricate Scottish inspired art looks like it has been crafted especially for dad!

A. E. Williams are known for their stunning craftsmanship & pewter moulds. This tankard is a testament to it. Dad's well deserved cold beer will taste even better presented in this vessel!


8. Prince of Wales Check Scarf

Charcoal Heritage Prince of Wales Check Wool Scarf

Is dad a bit of a dandy? Then he'll love this classic Charcoal Prince of Wales Check Scarf! It is sophisticated, stylish and is easy to combine with various outfits. Dad will be wrapped up in heritage design & warmth, looking like a dapper chap!

Whether dad is off to the theatre or embarking on a calming nature walk, he'll be looking sharp!


9. Little Book of Dad

Little Book of Dad

Our Little Book of Dad is a great Father's Day gift idea for everyone that struggles to find the right words to tell dad how much he means to them! This read might be small but it is full to the brim with great quotes & phrases that will let dad know how you feel about him.

From Shakespearean quotes to modern gems - perfect words for awesome dads.


10. Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes Cards

Dad jokes, always a controversial topic! We can recount a number of times our dads have embarrassed us in a restaurant or worse, in front of our friends! But if we have to be honest, they do make us chuckle, we just can't admit.

For everyone that has surrendered and just enjoys the wholesomeness of dad performing his best comedy routine, our Dad Jokes Cards will definitely add to his repertoire!

We hope one of our Top 10 Father's Day gift ideas will be your No.1!

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Happy Father's Day! Lots of love, Team Maia xxx