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What's New with Jellycat 2024

Happy New Year! 2024 looks like it is shaping up to be another great year for all the Jellycat lovers out there. There have already been so many wonderful new arrivals here at Maia Gifts and with even more to come we wanted to share with you some of the latest Jellycat friends to hit our shelves.

Bartholomew Bear Bathrobe Soft Toy

Bartholomew Bear has arrived in his cosiest outfit yet. Bartholomew Bear Bathrobe is the latest edition of the bear, he is his usual cuddly self but he is now sporting a super soft bunny eared bathrobe. He looks like the perfect companion for a self-care day. Get your bathrobe out and put your feet up, it’s time to relax.

Medium Jellycat Jack Soft ToyGiant Jellycat Head Soft Toy

This year is a particularly special one for Jellycat as they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary. In celebration of a quarter-century of cuddles, comfort and companionship Jellycat have created a special 25th Anniversary & Heritage Collection. Jellycat Jack (the 9th generation of cat!) is part of it! He comes in three sizes and is also available as a bag and a bag charm. If you’re lucky you could even get your hands on Jellycat Giant Head, a statement piece for the biggest of Jellycat fans.

Medium Bashful Luxe Azure Bunny Soft Toy

Another new addition for this special anniversary is the beautiful Bashful Luxe Bunny Azure. This dreamy bunny is speckled with pinks, greens and blues. A multicolour masterpiece that looks like it has a little bit of every bashful bunny on its fur.

Large Truffles Sheep Soft ToyJunglie Monkey Soft ToyFergus Frog Soft Toy

The Jellycat family is constantly growing and sometimes to make room for new friends it means we have to say goodbye to old ones. Amidst the 25th celebrations Jellycat thought it would be nice to bring back some retired favourites. The lucky few making their grand returns are Truffles Sheep, Junglie Monkey and Fergus Frog. We’re so excited to see these lovely lot again.

Festival Dragon Soft ToyDarvin Dragon Soft Toy

In the Chinese Zodiac 2024 is the year of the Dragon. Jellycat have chosen to celebrate this by creating a legendary range of dragons for the occasion. One of the new dragons is the frightfully exciting Festival Dragon. This red and golden dragon is the perfect partner to ring in the new year. Alongside Festival Dragon, we are so excited to introduce Darvin Dragon. Darvin Dragon is a darling dragon with a turmeric tummy perfect for magical cuddles.

Lavender Dragon Bag CharmGolden Dragon Bag Charm

Rose Dragon Bag CharmSnow Dragon Bag Charm

If you want a piece of magic to take everywhere you go then the new range of Dragon bag charms are exactly what you need. There is a selection of four stunning colours to choose from and a special Little Dragon Bag Charm. The perfect companion for any Jellycat bag to tell a story of enchantment wherever you go.

Little Dragon Bag Charm

This is just the beginning of so many new and exciting Jellycats that will be coming our way in 2024. We can’t wait for what the year will bring!

If you want to have a closer look at all the Jellycats we offer, old and new, then click here for our full Jellycat collection.

Wishing you a very jelly new year, lots of love Team Maia xx