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Bloom this Spring!

Hey there, Spring lovers! Are you ready to put those winter blues behind you and welcome in the sunshine and blooming flowers? We sure are, and we’ve got some Spring gift ideas that have you smile! So, whether you’re looking to freshen up your home, get your hands dirty in the garden, or find the perfect Easter gift, we’ve got you covered.

Spring is the perfect time to start planting and watch nature's energy at work. With these plant themed gifts the season will be off to a good start!

Planting for Garden Birds Book

Your garden will become a sanctuary for all your local vertebrates in no time with this Planting for Garden Birds Book!

Daisy Jacaranda Handwarmer Herbs Terracotta Planters with Saucer

We are all about the sunshine but if the mornings happen to be still a bit cold then these beautiful Daisy Jacaranda Handwarmer will keep you cosy when working outside.

If you don't have a garden don't worry, there are plenty of ways to turn your home into a green oasis. Why not start with planting fresh herbs? This Terracotta Planter with Saucer makes the perfect vessel!

And, for those who have a green thumb, we have a variety of unique planters and garden decor that will add a little personality to your outdoor or indoor space. Browse the full collection here!

Now, let’s talk about freshening up your home. Spring is the perfect time to add a little bit of colour and vibrancy to your living space. We have lovely nature themed home décor that will bring Spring indoors!

Indigo Floral Print Wooden Frame

If you love vibrant colours and delicate designs then this Floral Wooden Frame is the perfect addition to your home! The indigo blue floral print contrasts the rustic pale base perfectly.

Grey Running Rabbit Mini Bud Vase Bloom Pink and Orange Glass Tumbler Set

Quirky, pretty and so unique! We'd say those words describe this Grey Running Rabbit Mini Bud Vase really well! It's the perfect gift for lovers of nature inspired artisan designs!

Give spring a seat at your dining table with this stunning Bloom Pink and Orange Glass Tumbler Set! The floral design and the pink & orange ombre effect give it a beautiful finish!

Jasmine with Gardenia Flower Diffuser

If the weather is not playing along to enjoy the scents of Spring outside, then this Jasmine with Gardenia Flower Diffuser will fill your home with a floral fragrance (and elegant beauty)! Best of all, the label is made of paper with embedded wild flower seeds, so you can go plant them as soon as the sun is out again.

It wouldn't be spring without updating the wardrobe with some stunning floral accessories & jewellery pieces! With these picks you will feel like Persephone, the goddess of spring!

Crystal Flower and Enamel Bee Pendant Necklace in Gold

We think this necklace is just stunning! The Crystal Flower and Enamel Bee Pendant features an intricate spring inspired design full of pastel tones.

 Silky Green Cascading Flower Print Scarf Grey Botanical Velvet Mini Backpack

We can't get enough of dainty floral prints and this fashion accessory has such a pretty one! The Silky Green Scarf with a cascading flower print will bring a flowy finish to your look.

We are obsessed with velvet here at Maia! Its texture feels so luxurious. So it shouldn't be a surprise that we love this velvet rucksack design. We think the stunning floral print adds another layer of luxury & beauty to the Grey Botanical Mini Backpack!

Last but not least: Easter! If you want to put a twist on your Easter décor this year, then we got the perfect selection! With these cute creatures your home will be filled with joy!

 Eggsquisite Green Egg Soft Toy Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny Soft Toy


Nesting Bunnies Soft Toy Lemon Chicky Cheeper Soft Toy

The super sweet & quirky Eggsquisite Green Egg, floral Blossom Heart Tulip Bunny, the cute Nesting Bunnies and our little Lemon Chicky Cheeper will join you on the Easter egg hunt!

We hope you enjoyed our selection! Browse our full Spring Collection here for more inspired gift ideas. Spring fatigue will be a thing of the past!

Happy Spring, and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Lots of love, Team Maia