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New Jellycat Arrivals

Hello Jellycat lovers! We are so delighted to show you some of our new arrivals! From cute pets to wild sea creatures and summery fruits, our brand new additions to our Jellycat collection will put a smile on your face.

Let's start with some classic pets:

Albert Jack Russel Soft Toy Huggady Dog Soft Toy
Albert Jack Russel and Huggady Dog have just joined Maia and they are ready for adventure. They make great companions for any dog lover out there!


Ginger Kitten Caboodle Cat Soft Toy Medium Amore Cream Cat Soft Toy

If you are more of a cat person then Ginger Kitten Caboodle and Amore Cream Cat will bring curiosity & quirkiness to your home. The feline friends love cuddles and playtime.

Animals of the wild:

Huge Fuddlewuddle Lion Soft Toy

Huge Fuddlewuddle Lion Soft Toy is an impressive wild cat! But don't worry he is the most gentle giant ever! His super soft mane and fur are made for huge hugs!

Large Maya Octopus Soft Toy Huggady Panda Soft Toy

Fun on land and sea! Maya Octopus is a cheerful cutie and with her eight tentacles she can give you several hugs simultaneously!  Huggady Panda is a gentle bear that likes to munch on Bamboo and listen to bedtime stories.

Birdling Hummingbird Soft Toy Pink Crowning Croaker Frog Soft Toy

Woodland pals! Birdling Hummingbird will bring a bright touch to your home and will sing you some of their favourite songs. Pink Crowning Croaker is ready to leave the pond and become your king!


Tasty treats & healthy snacks:

Amuseable Pain Au Raisin Soft Toy Amuseable Slice of Pizza Soft Toy

Amuseable Pain Au Raisin is the sweetest! With her cute smile & cord boots she will swirl her way into your heart! Amuseable Slice of Pizza is made with super fresh ingredients. Grab a slice and take a hug!


Fabulous Fruit Melon Soft Toy Fabulous Fruit Raspberry Soft Toy

Get some vitamins! Fabulous Fruit Melon and Fabulous Fruit Raspberry are all smiles because they know how good they are for you!

Quirky & unusual:

Amuseable Rainbow Plush Bag

Bring the colours everywhere you go! Amuseable Rainbow Plush Bag is so excited to be out and about. It will store all your essentials while bringing happiness & joy to your day.

Amuseables Sports Baseball Soft Toy Lavender Dragon Soft Toy

Amuseables Sports Baseball is a home run! This quirky pal is perfect for any fan of the sport. If you prefer the magical world over the one of sports then Lavender Dragon is the perfect match! This mythical creature loves to soar through the skies then come home to tell you all about his adventures.

We hope you love our new Jellycat members as much as we do! They make a great gift for friends & family and are an exciting addition to any growing Jellycat collection.

Browse our full collection here for more unique and quirky soft toys!

Lots of hugs & cuddles, Tram Maia