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Keep Your Jellycat Looking Good!

By now everyone must know how Jellycat obsessed we are here at Maia! We just can't get enough of the quirky, cute & cuddly creatures. The unique look, soft fur and exceptional quality makes them companions for life.

Great companions follow us everywhere, which also means they can roll in the mud at the park, spill their drink in a restaurant or accidentally draw a masterpiece on themselves while playing.


So how do you take care of your Jellycat soft toys?

How to clean your Jellycat Soft Toy
To keep your favourite Jellycat soft and squishy we recommend a surface wash with soap and a rinse with cool water. For small spots or stains we have an easy and simple remedy; use a anti-bac wet wipe and rub the area gently (just ensure that your chosen brand does not contain bleach).




How to clean your Jellycat Soft Toy

You can dry your Jellycat's soft fur with a hair dryer set to little or no heat. If you have cleaned a small area only, just let it air dry and fluff up the plush when it has dried. Both methods will provide you with extra fun!





How to clean your Jellycat Soft Toy

Some Jellycat soothers and comforters are suitable for a cool machine wash. Please check the sew-in label for recommendations on how to wash it best.

Generally, please use hand wash only (except soothers and comforters suitable for cool machine wash). Do not use products containing bleach and do not tumble dry or dry clean any Jellycat plushies.


Lots of love and attention will keep your Jellycat happiest! And always remember:

To be loved is to be changed

Other things good to know:

Jellycat Soft Toy Collection


Every Jellycat soft toy is rigorously tested to international safety standards; they bear both the CE mark for Europe and UKCA mark for UK as proof of their success.

Jellycat soft toys also get tested for age suitability. This means that unless the toy carries a specific safety recommendation or suitability message, it is safe for all ages - from birth to 100 years old (and beyond).

The safety standard mark, age suitability and material composition information are provided on the sew-in label.

We hope our simple cleaning guide has given you all the necessary information to keep your beloved Jellycat looking good!

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Lots of cuddles! Team Maia xxx